Spring 2024 Schedule

Jan. 16   Rourke O’Brien (Associate Professor of Sociology, Yale University Fiscal Regimes: Toward a Sociology of Place-based Public Finance

Jan. 23  Shivani Choudhary (Sociology Department, Yale University) Yoga, Populism, and Hindu Nationalism

Jan. 30  Giovanni Zampieri (Visiting Ph.D. student, University of Padova) Sealing Charisma in Wax: Reference Letters, Networks of Reputation, and the Licensing of Confessors in 18th Century Verona

Feb. 6  Anne Taylor (Sociology Department, Yale University) & Cody Musselman (Postdoctoral Fellow,  John C. Danforth Center on Religion and Politics, Washington University in St. Louis)  “Let Me Show You CrossFit”: White Christian Nationalism and Social Performances in Sport and Religion

Feb. 13  Zahra Abba Omar (Sociology and WGSS, Yale University):Tracking Trimesters: The Digital Surveillance of Pregnancy

Feb. 20 No CRW

***Wed. Feb 21, 4-5:30pm YaleCHESS Annual Lecture** James Mahoney (Gordon Fulcher Professor in Decision-making, Professor of Sociology, and of Political Science, Northwestern UniversityCausality in Social Science History  Luce Hall, Room 202, 34 Hillhouse Ave.

Feb. 27   Isaac Reed (Thomas C. Sorenson Professor of Political and Social Thought, The University of Virginia) The View from Outer Space: Science Fictionalization in the Cold War USA

Mar. 5   Shefali Das (Sociology Department, Yale University) “Good Moral Character” On Citizenship, Military Service, and the American Social Contract

Mar. 12 & 19       Spring Break

Mar. 26  Christina Cano (Sociology Department, Yale University) “The numbers are on our side”: The Quantification of Racial Equality and Representational Deservingness in Municipal Redistricting

Apr. 2    Hannah Zagel (Head, Emmy-Noether Research Group, WZB Berlin Social Science Center) and  Mio Tamakoshi (Ph.D. Candidate, WZB Berlin Social Science Center, and VAR, Yale) Stratified Reproduction Across Countries: A Comparative Perspective on Ideational and Regulatory Patterns

Apr. 9  Atef Said (Associate Professor of Sociology, UIC) New Book Talk! Revolution Squared: Tahrir, Political Possibilities and Counter-Revolution in Egypt (Duke University Press 2023)

Apr. 16  Yuanhang Zhu (Sociology Department, Yale University) The Interplay of Structural and Relational Work: How State Agents Alleviate Poverty in Rural China

Apr. 23   Carlo Sariego (Sociology Department, Yale University) Scandal, Miracle, and Science: Reproductive Speculation as Race-Making in 20th Century Histories of Trans Reproduction

April 30  Barbara Kiviat (Assistant Professor of Sociology, Stanford University) The Invention of Credit-Based Insurance Scores