CRW Fall 2022 Schedule

Workshops Take Place on Tuesdays 12:00 p.m. - 1:20 p.m.

To be put on weekly email list, contact: Barbara Ruth

In Person Location: 434 College Street.  Status may change due to Covid-19 restrictions, so check back before attending.

September 13 - Amy Wrzesniewski, Michael H. Jordan Professor of Management at YalePerceiving fixed or flexible meaning: Toward a process of navigating occupational destabilization

Sept 20 Julian Go (Professor of Sociology, University of Chicago) The Coloniality of Policing: Empire and Militarization in Britain and America, 1829-present

Sept 27 Demar Lewis (Sociology, Yale) Unveiling the Trauma of the Routine: Illuminating Levels of Persisting Inequity in Conceptions of Community Safety

Oct 4 Two-part Workshop with Profs. Julia Adams and Rene Almeling: Crafting a CV + Submitting a Paper/Abstract to a Conference

Oct 11 Alex Manning (Research Scholar and Lecturer, Sociology, Yale) Parental Understandings of Organized, Out-of-School Activities: Race, Class, and the Legitimation of Inequalities

Oct 18 Emma Zang (Assistant Professor of Sociology, Yale) Implications of the Transition to Remote Work for Young Adults

Oct 25 Nick Kearns (Sociology, Yale) The Puerto Rican Diaspora across Cities and Adaptive Cosmopolitanism in New England

Nov 1 Daphne Fietz (Sociology, Yale) Revisiting the Problem of Generations – The Early Mannheim on Language and Experience

***4 pm Friday Nov. 4, Robert Braun (Assistant Professor, Sociology and Political Science, University of California-Berkeley) Antisemitisms in Weimar Germany: Evidence from Children’s Tales [YaleCHESS Annual Lecture, co-sponsored by CRW, Location: ISPS, 77 Prospect St. Room A002]***

Nov 8: Ben Kaplow (Sociology, Yale) The Physical Empire: A Spatial Approach to Colonial States, their Expansion, and Retreat in Morocco and Algeria

Nov 15: Muhammad Amasha (Sociology, Yale) Idealized Networks: Intellectuals’ Politics Between Ideals and Interests

Nov 22 Thanksgiving Break

Nov 29: Adora Svitak (Sociology, Yale) Reading Heteropessimism

Dec 6: Kayla Thomas (Sociology, Yale) Navigating Neighborhood Transformation