This workshop is a weekly seminar in which a variety of work-in-progress by visiting scholars, Yale graduate students, and Yale faculty from Sociology and other disciplines is discussed.  Papers are distributed approximately a week ahead of time and posted on the CRW website. Students who take the course for a letter grade present a paper during the term they are enrolled for credit. (Course listing: SOCY 560 / PLSC 734.)

The CRW brings together academics to discuss their research and insights in an environment emphasizing free discussion and exchange of ideas.  Faculty and graduate students from various disciplines participate.  All who are interested are welcome.

Spring 2021 WORKSHOP | 12PM TO 1:20PM

Zoom Meeting: https://yale.zoom.us/

Meeting ID: 962 0767 3780 Password: 562080

February 9 - Rene Almeling, Associate Professor, Sociology, Yale University

BOOK TALK: Guynecology: The Missing Science of Men’s Reproductive Health

February 16 - Laura Acosta, Sociology, Northwestern University and James Mahoney, Gordon Fulcher Professor in Decision-Making; Professor of Sociology and Political Science, Northwestern

A Regularity Theory of Causality for the Social Sciences”

February 23 -  Professors Rene Almeling, Rourke O’Brien, and Phil Gorski, Yale University

Navigating the Academic Job Market in Sociology

March 2 -  Alka Menon, Assistant Professor, Sociology, Yale University

Covid-19 and Global Health”

March 9 -  Yale Break Day

March 16- Jordanna Matlon, Assistant Professor, School of International Service, American University

“Tapping Imaginaries: Guinness and the African Man”

March 23 -  Jean Beaman, Associate Professor, Sociology, UC-Santa Barbara

Suspect Citizenship: Race and Racism in Postcolonial France”

March 30 - Jiwon Yun, Sociology, Yale University

“Making Something Out of Nothing: Vlogging Immobility during the South Korean COVID-19 Facility Quarantine”

April 6 -  Dana Hayward, Sociology, Yale Univeristy

Not in My Backyard? Municipal Responses to the Decriminalization of Sex Work in New Zealand”

April 13 -  Break

April 20 -  Jonathan Wyrtzen, Associate Professor Sociology and Middle East Studies, Yale University


April 27 -  Dorceta Taylor, Professor School of the Environment, Yale University

Public Environmental Sociology: Interrogating Wage Disparities and Understanding

Funding Inequities in Mainstream and Environmental Justice Organizations”

May 4 -  Emily Erikson, Associate Professor, Sociology, Yale University

BOOK PANEL: Trade and Nation: How Companies and Politics Reshaped Economic Thought