Fall 2022 Schedule

Sept 13: Amy Wrzesniewski (Michael H. Jordan Professor, Yale School of Management) Perceiving Fixed or Flexible Meaning: Toward a Process of Navigating Occupational Destabilization

Sept 20: Julian Go (Professor of Sociology, University of Chicago) The Coloniality of Policing: Empire and Militarization in Britain and America, 1829-present

Sept 27: Demar Lewis IV (Sociology, Yale) Unveiling the Trauma of the Routine: Illuminating Levels of Persisting Inequity in Conceptions of Community Safety

Oct 4: Two-part Workshop with Profs. Julia Adams and Rene Almeling: Crafting a CV + Submitting a Paper/Abstract to a Conference

Oct 11: Alex Manning (Research Scholar and Lecturer, Sociology, Yale) Parental Understandings of Organized, Out-of-School Activities: Race, Class, and the Legitimation of Inequalitie

Oct 18: Emma Zang (Assistant Professor of Sociology, Yale) Implications of the Transition to Remote Work for Young Adults

Oct 25: Nick Kearns (Sociology, Yale)The Puerto Rican Diaspora across Cities and Adaptive Cosmopolitanism in New England

Nov 1: Daphne Fietz (Sociology, Yale) Revisiting the Problem of Generations – The Early Mannheim on Language and Experience

***4 pm Friday Nov. 4, Robert Braun (Assistant Professor, Sociology and Political Science, UC-Berkeley) Antisemitisms in Weimar Germany: Evidence from Children’s Tales [YaleCHESS Annual Lecture, co-sponsored by CRW, venue to come]***

Nov 8: Ben Kaplow (Sociology, Yale) The Physical Empire: A Spatial Approach to Colonial States, their Expansion, and Retreat in Morocco and Algeria

Nov 15: Muhammad Amasha (Sociology, Yale) Idealized Networks: Intellectuals’ Politics Between Ideals and Interests

Nov 22: Thanksgiving Break

Nov 29: Adora Svitak (Sociology, Yale) Reading Heteropessimism

Dec 6: Kayla Thomas (Sociology, Yale) Navigating Neighborhood Transformation