Fall 2021 Workshop

Sept. 14: Nina Bandelj, Chancellor’s Professor of Sociology, University of California-Irvine “The Visceral Economy: Market Othering and Economic Marginalization in Postsocialism”

Sept. 21:  Patrice Collins, Sociology, Yale ”The Ripple Effect: When the Police Arrest and Incarcerate Poor Black Parents”

Sept. 28:  Angel Parham, Professor of Social Science and Associate Professor of Sociology at Loyola University-New Orleans “The Lieu de Souvenir as Concept and Method inComparative Historical Research”

Oct. 5  Chloe Sariego, Sociology Department, Yale University “ ‘Budget IVF’: Assessing American Use of Low-Cost IVF across the Politically Contested US-Mexico Border”

Oct. 12: Adam Slez, Assistant Professor, Sociology, University of Virginia “Markets or What? Economic Networks and the Spatial Distribution of Agrarian Activism”

Oct. 19:           Fall Recess

Oct. 26: Xiaohong Xu, Assistant Professor, Sociology, University of Michigan “The Great Separation: The Chinese Cultural Revolution and the Birth of Ordo-economism”

Nov. 2:   Department job talk 

Nov. 9:  Anne Taylor, Sociology, Yale “’Harry Potter and the Sacred Text’: From Audience to Community in Social Performance”

Nov. 16:  Nicolas Rudas, Sociology, Yale 6.402: state killings in Colombia and the Numeric Construction of Solidarity”

Nov. 23           Thanksgiving Break

Nov. 30: Willa Sachs, Sociology, Yale “Victory as a Resource: A New Theoretical Perspective on Social Movement Mobilization”

Dec. 7:  Dolunay Ugur, Sociology, Yale “Storytelling amidst Numbers: Capturing Impact through Case Studies in International Aid”